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Our talented team can create a unique model for you among the multiple possible combinations. 

All you have to do is using the contact form and providing us with all the features you want:

  1. the model: choose between midahsi or bracelet 
  2. the material: choose leather of lamb or python 
  3. the size: use the guide size to choose the size suits for you
  4. the color of the model: choose between our patchwork of colors 
  5. the color of the zip: choose between black or silvery metal
  6. The price: 
- Bracelet in leather: EUR 137
- Bracelet in leather printed python: EUR 157
- Bracelet in python: EUR 224
- Midashi sleeve in leather: EUR 159
- Midashi sleeve in leather printed python: EUR 159
- Midashi sleeve in python: EUR 269

We will be happy to reply to your special order as soon as possible.