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Duchastel de Montrouge (DDM) is a fashion brand which propose innovative fashion accessories combining both style and purpose. 

Inspired by our own experience at Burning man festival and Ibiza, we wanted to create not just a fashion and high quality accessory but a smart one especially designed to secure your personal things (credit card, cash, lighter, key etc) during parties, festivals, travels but also daily life. 

No more bags, no more wallets, no more lost objects with our smart bracelets and sleeves with pocket that we have decided to call "Midashi". 

All our Midashi and bracelets are patented, handmade in Paris, unisex and can be used both with left and right hands. 

Live a new experience with your parties, festivals, travels and daily-life. Express yourself without limits by feeling safe and free. 

DDM will bring security and style to your look.